Creative Bundle 2017 (12-Month Subscription)

Creative Bundle 2017 (12-Month Subscription)
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Note: The software you are learning to use in this course is not included in this subscription. Software is sold separately.
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Get your creative juices flowing with this robust training bundle. By the time you’ve completed these courses, you’ll be a pro at designing websites, drawing vector art, UX design, editing and adding effects to your videos, enhancing your photos, and so much more. 

Courses Included:

  1. Total Training™ for Adobe® Illustrator® CC
  2. Photoshop® CC Masterclass, Part 1
  3. Photoshop® CC Masterclass, Part 2
  4. Mastering Adobe® Bridge CC
  5. Photoshop Elements 13
  6. WordPress® Backup, Security & Performance
  7. WordPress Essentials for Business
  8. WordPress Theme Selection & Customization
  9. WordPress 3.3 Training
  10. WordPress Training
  11. UI & Web Design with Adobe Illustrator CC
  12. Illustrator CC Masterclass Part 1
  13. Illustrator CC Masterclass Part 2
  14. How to Become a UX Designer
  15. Coding for Designers
  16. Become a Motion Graphics Designer Using After Effects
  17. Create a Background Video Website Using Premiere Pro & Dreamweaver
  18. Premiere Elements 12
  19. Premiere Pro CC 2015
  20. Create a Responsive Website with Adobe Muse CC
  21. Character Design: From Concept to Creation
  22. Life after University: Getting into the Creative Industry
  23. Photoshop Elements 12
  24. Total Training for Adobe Dreamweaver® CC

Creative Bundle 2017

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